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New Brunswick Middle School Art Club:

“Black Lives Matter”


Isaac Rojas, S.C., Katherine J., Giovanna G., Esmeralda, Shaila N., Jocelin V., Brenda G. , Luis P., L.G., Lairianis M., Diana V., Benita T., Yenely, Jovani R., Sheyla P., J.L. //  Art Club Advisor: Danielle Fleming

Artists' Statement: 

2020 has been some year, with a lot of obstacles and challenges. What really stood out to us were the injustices that people of color have gone through. We wanted to show awareness to the BLM movement by expressing our thoughts through art. We hope to see America view and treat everyone equally. What makes America great is the vast diversity which we need to embrace not discourage.

New Brunswick High School Art Club:



Yamaris Serrano, Jacqueline Perez, Margie Alvarez, Evelyn Guzman, Eric Gutierrez, Julie Flores, Janny Lujan, Jazsmyn Perry, and Yajaira Barrios //  Art Club Advisor: David Lago

Artists' Statement:
Being a teen in 2020 was nothing like being a teen in 2019. Everything changed. As human beings we adapt to our environment. Our youth have dealt with some drastic changes during 2020, ranging from virtual graduation, virtual friendships, virtual interviews for colleges, and virtual learning. Quaran-TEEN is a sculpture created by the Art Club which promotes awareness of the changes our youth have gone through. A laptop has become their teacher, a bedroom has become their classroom, and a sibling may have become a distraction. Quaran-TEEN exposes these everyday experiences with the use of sounds, recycled laptops, and paintings to create artwork that takes you into their kitchen, living room, or... classroom.

Civic League of Greater New Brunswick, New Brunswick Elementary Students:

“#WeSeeThroughHate - Healing From Trauma”

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