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Climate Change


New Brunswick, NJ

works to protect the Raritan River and the Lower Raritan Watershed, preserve areas that are not yet degraded, and restore habitat and biodiversity to polluted and damaged landscapes within the Watershed. The LRWP got its start as a group of concerned “civic scientists” seeking data on the health and safety of the water in New Jersey’s Raritan River. They found that little data had been collected since the 1970s, and their partnership of citizens, non-profits, government representatives, University researchers, business representatives and others organized to gather data through civic science. They use this information to prioritize stewardship and advocacy so as to improve the quality of the water in the Raritan River and the health of the Lower Raritan Watershed ecosystem.​


Metuchen, NJ

Since completing its first project, the Environmental Resources Inventory, the Commission has taken on a variety of projects. The main undertakings have involved work on the Middlesex Greenway; Tommy's Pond, and Centennial Park.



Metuchen, NJ

The Peter J. Barnes III Wildlife Preserve is the largest contiguous wetlands in northern Middlesex County. The 1,250-acre preserve is one of the last remaining viable wetland ecosystems in highly urbanized Central New Jersey. The preserve spans portions of Edison, Metuchen and South Plainfield. Middlesex County has preserved more than 120 acres of land within the Peter J. Barnes III Wildlife Preserve, protecting wildlife and wetlands. 


New Brunswick, NJ

is a university-wide effort to: understand the mechanisms that drive global and regional climate change; understand the human and social dimensions of climate change, including how social, economic, political, cultural, and behavioral factors drive climate change, shape vulnerabilities, and condition response strategies; study the impacts of climate change, particularly its effects on densely populated, coastal regions; and inform and educate society about the causes and consequences of climate change. 

Food Equity


New Brunswick, NJ

harnesses the power of food to break the cycle of poverty, alleviate hunger and change lives. They operate a community soup kitchen, culinary arts school, catering business and connect low-income individuals and families with social and health services. With the support of volunteers, donors and community partners, Elijah’s Promise serves more than 200,000 free meals per year at their Community Soup Kitchen and trains previously unskilled workers for careers in the food services industry.


Highland Park, NJ

is a volunteer run organization that was established in the year 2000 to provide non-perishable food to Highland Park residents in need.  The Food Pantry is open to anyone who lives or works in Highland Park and who needs food assistance.


Highland Park, NJ

is a nonprofit organization that runs a food pantry and funds scholarships to HP Borough’s summer camp for qualifying families. Based at the Zone 6 Teen Center in Highland Park, HP Gives a Hoot complements the HP Community Food Pantry by providing additional food, distribution location, expanded hours of operation, and anonymity for those who fear formally registering for aid. Pantry hours are Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-11:30am.

They currently serve approximately 200 families each week.



New Brunswick, NJ

enriches the lives of seniors and assists them in maintaining independence by providing nutritious food, human connections and social services support.


Middlesex County, NJ

provides nonperishable foods and necessities to our network of over 130 partner organizations throughout the 25 towns in Middlesex County to ensure that all residents have access to nutritionally adequate food and necessities at all times. Additionally, Replenish supplies  partners with networking opportunities, resource-sharing tools and nutritional guidelines for clients. On a broader platform, Replenish is an advocate for programs and policies intended to combat hunger and poverty.

Human Rights


New Brunswick, NJ 

responds to basic human needs and provides opportunities for physical and emotional healing and wellness. It is rooted in Holy Family Parish, uses Trauma-Informed modalities to aid individuals and families therapeutically, and utilizes goal-oriented groups to render larger solutions to common community concerns. Services include case management, counseling, support and psychoeducational groups, holistic community events, and partnerships with local organizations.


New Brunswick, NJ

is a nonprofit organization dedicated to moving New Brunswick’s people forward. NBT’s Esperanza Neighborhood Project is a comprehensive neighborhood development initiative focused on the area between Somerset Street and Livingston Avenue. Through the Esperanza Project, NBT brings together residents, small businesses, and partners to work together for a better future for the neighborhood. A primary focus of the Esperanza Project is uplifting the primarily Latino/a entrepreneurs who populate the French Street corridor.

INTERFAITH RISE (Refugee and Immigrant Support & Empowerment) 

Highland Park, NJ

is a US State Department refugee resettlement program that works with the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants to receive and place refugees from around the world into caring communities in central NJ. Interfaith-RISE is supported by a coalition of over 50 partners from Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and other faith and community groups.


Plainfield, NJ

Iris House saves lives through comprehensive support, prevention and education services for women, families, and underserved populations affected by HIV/AIDS and other health disparities in a safe, family-centered environment by passionate, professional and culturally competent staff.  Iris House offers practical, family-centered services that promote prevention and education while addressing the day-to-day realities of living with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Depression and other health disparities plaguing our communities.


National/ Newark, NJ 

envisions a world in which children’s rights and well-being are protected as they migrate alone in search of safety. They will achieve this vision by ensuring that no child appears in immigration court without high quality legal representation; Advancing laws, policies, and practices that ensure children’s protection and uphold their right to due process and fundamental fairness; and promoting in countries of origin, transit, and destination durable solutions to child migration that are grounded in the best interests of the child and ensure that no child is forced to involuntarily migrate.

Violence Prevention


Middlesex County, NJ

is the designated sexual violence program for Middlesex County that can be reached at 877-665-7273 and They strive to support and empower survivors and significant others affected by sexual violence, and to help eliminate all forms of sexual violence through community awareness and education. They offer crisis intervention, therapeutic services, support through the legal process, connections to resources, and more, while working in partnership to prevent sexual violence in the county.

MOMS DEMAND ACTION for Gunsense in America

NJ State Chapter

is a grassroots movement fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence. They pass stronger gun laws and work to close the loopholes that jeopardize the safety of families. They also work in their own communities and with business leaders to encourage a culture of responsible gun ownership. They know that gun violence is preventable, and are committed to doing what it takes to keep families safe.



New Brunswick, NJ

is committed to providing a safe and peaceful environment in the City of New Brunswick through effective and impartial law enforcement. The New Brunswick Police Department shall respond to the needs of its residents through active participation in community partnerships. The New Brunswick Police Department shall accept only the highest caliber personnel with a demonstrated ability to meet and exceed standards for personal and professional conduct. The New Brunswick Police Department will extend the utmost courtesy and respect to all residents, visitors and employees within the City and will be accountable for the actions of its members at all times.



New Brunswick, NJ 

is an organization comprised of Black Fire Fighters, formed as a conduit between our Black Brothers and Sisters, to collect and evaluate data on all deleterious conditions in all areas where minorities exist, to compile information concerning the injustices that exist in the working conditions within the Fire Service, and implement action to correct them. They help cultivate and maintain professional competence among fire fighters, fire officers ,fire chiefs and establishment of unity and brotherhood, also keeping alive the interest among retired members. 


New Brunswick, NJ

mission is to promote the safety and self-sufficiency of individuals and families affected by domestic violence in Middlesex County, New Jersey.


Civic League of Greater New Brunswick

Metuchen Human Relations Commission

New Brunswick Free Public Library

New Brunswick Public Schools
Rutgers, Collaborative Center for Community Engagement

Zimmerli Art Museum

list in progress as o 10/9/2023

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