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Public Health & Healing

Hosted by the Metuchen Human Relations Commission featuring the Metuchen First Aid Squad and Women Aware

February 24, 2021 

7:30 PM

Discussion will focus on illuminating the timely work of the Metuchen First Aid Squad and Women Aware of New Brunswick. The featured artists interpreting those agencies missions include Dominique Brancato, Lauren Rabinowitz, Luciana Mallozzi, Martina Hanna, Amalya Sherman and Janice Fried.


All events are VIRTUAL, FREE, and OPEN TO ALL AGES unless otherwise indicated.

Uplifting Communities in Light of Hardship

Hosted by Rutgers Collaborative Center for Community Based Research & Service and Windows of Understanding 

January 18, 2021 

12:00 PM-1:30 PM

Rutgers Bonner Leaders present a virtual celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr Day. Hear how local and student activists are fighting for their communities despite ongoing civil unrest and a global pandemic. Supported by Rutgers Collaborative Center for Community-Based Research and Services & Windows of Understanding.

Tune in via YouTube Live: Click Here

Metuchen Windows of Understanding Virtual Gallery Show Launch

Hosted by the Metuchen Arts Council

January 18, 2021 

A virtual gallery presentation of the 15 artists in the Metuchen Library Gallery launches on this day and will remain available as a link on the Windows of Understanding Website ,the Metuchen Arts Council (MAC) website, Metuchen TV You Tube Channel and Channel 15, as well as social media outlets including the MAC Facebook page.

King and Kindness

Hosted by the New Brunswick Free Public Library

January 19, 2021 

3:00 PM

Families are invited to celebrate the legacy of
Dr. Martin Luther King at this virtual story time for ages 5-12.

Healthcare Coverage Webinar

Hosted by NJ Citizen Action Education Fund and New Brunswick Free Public Library

January 20, 2021 

3:00 PM

Learn the ins and outs of Healthcare insurance​ with this free webinar. Learn how to apply for ACA health coverage and what to look for in a good health plan. ​

Spoken Word:  Understanding to Overstand

Featuring Justan & Amiri Mitchell, Tanisha Jacobs, and Carlyle Parris

January 24, 2021 

2:00 PM-3:00 PM

The gift of creative communication and the art of poetry have always been a major vehicle for stories to be told so experiences can be shared and understood. This spoken word event will deliver experiences as lived by the artists to raise a sense of mutual understanding toward collectively overcoming some of society's ills that sicken us all.

Wellness & Healing Session: Intro to Yoga

Hosted by Garden of Healing

February 4, 2021 

6:00 PM

Instructor: Carla Haynes

Wellness & Healing Session: ABC’s of Zen Mediation

Hosted by John Marron

February 11, 2021


This 30-minute session will begin with 10 minutes of introductions and explanations of breath, posture, quality attention in the here & now, non-thinking and letting go
of stress, suffering, and monkey mind.

The next 20 minutes will focus on short, distinct sessions of breath counting using visualization & body scan to embrace/let go of attachments of love, merit, body, negative emotions & states of being.

Community Conversations: Food Insecurity & Youth Engagement

Hosted by the Metuchen Human Relations Commission featuring First Presbyterian Food Pantry & Kiddie Keepwell

January 27, 2021 

7:30 PM

Engage in conversation with the Directors of the First Presbyterian Food Pantry and Kiddie Keepwell, Sarah Teti and Sarah Cruz, who will be discussing their agencies’ work in our community as they face the dual pandemic of COVID-19 and racial injustice. The corresponding artists’ work will be shown and discussed as a lens into the agencies’ missions.

Panel Discussion for Youth: Understanding of Climate Change

in partnership with Rutgers Climate Institute

February 16, 2021


In this special panel for youth ages 10+, three young scientists from Rutgers University will illuminate different aspects of climate change as it pertains to their research and career paths. Topics range from impact on coastal communities in NJ, climate change in New York City and its relationship to social justice, and how changing climate conditions from as far away as the Antarctic can affect us in our own communities.


Wellness & Healing Session: Sound Therapy

Hosted by SkySound Yoga

February 18, 2021 

6:00 PM

Instructor: Sarah Yeung

Wellness & Healing Session: Restorative Yoga

Hosteed by Sisterwork

February 25, 2021 

6:00 PM

Trauma-Sensitive Restorative Yoga (TSRY) integrates the supportive and nourishing practice of restorative yoga with an understanding of how trauma affects our body-mind systems. The practice is curated to invite a sense of safety, and balance the nervous system by eliciting the relaxation response.
In restorative yoga, you continually allow yourself to be held up by support. This often includes passively resting on props such as bolsters and blankets. The process of letting go into support encourages relaxation and the release of deeply held tension in our physical, emotional and energetic bodies.
Source: Body Wise Foundation, Trauma Sensitive Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Manual, July 2020
Instructor: Sarah Lundy Sarah Lundy is a social worker, yoga instructor, and Reiki practitioner based in New Jersey who is passionate about restorative justice and human rights.

Community Conversations:
Climate Change

Hosted by the Metuchen Human Relations Commission featuring the Edison Greenways Group

April 21, 2021

7:30 PM

In observance of Earth Day, this discussion will explore the mission of the Edison Greenways Group through the eyes of artists Laura Curtis, Maja Opacic and Mickey Waring.


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